Hands Up High Art​

All the paintings you see here were painted by HUH staff members.  The funds raised through these paintings not only support our outreaches but also our staff members who create them!  Every unique painting is signed RIAH, which stands for "Revival Is a Habit."  There is a scripture and a story behind every painting.  We hope that you are blessed, encouraged, and inspired by them.  We are happy to create a painting to fit your needs if you want something different than what you see here on our site.   Contact us for purchasing details; all purchases are considered donations.  Thank you!
Commission Art
HUH Gallery
Contact us about purchasing any of the pieces you see in our gallery.  If the piece you want has already been sold, we can make another one customized to fit your needs.  Let us know if you have a painting in mind that you would like us to help you bring to life!  All purchases are considered donations and are tax deductible.  Thank you!

Contact Info:
[email protected]
(949) 202-9133
  1. "Still Pastures" | 17 1/2 x 26 3/8
  2. "One Nation Under God" | 16 11/16 x 26 3/8
  3. "Sparkle of His Eye" | 18 x 24
  4. "Chicago 2042" | 40 x 60
  5. "Community Church At Greenvale"
  6. "Starbucks" | 12 x 12
  7. "Just Love" | 12 x 12
  8. "O Christmas Tree" | 12 x 12
  9. "Prince of Peace" | 20 x 16
  10. "Blue Ridge Coffee" | 12 x 12
  11. "Be Still" | 30 x 24
  12. "Psalm 57"
  13. "On The Rock" | 10 x 8
  14. "Heaven's Door"
  15. "Angelic Rainbow"
  16. Title 20

"Prince of Peace" - Story Behind The Art

This painting is a miracle. It started out as an ocean scene and went through several transformations. Before this painting looked like Jesus, it looked like Conan the Barbarian. We thought we had lost it but we prayed that God would turn it into the painting that He wanted it to be. So we literally scraped the painting. When we did that we noticed that there was something there all of a sudden... or someone! We saw Jesus and were amazed! God helped us find Him in a crazy mess of paint! This painting represents our often messy lives. Sometimes we cover The Prince of Peace in our lives with massive amounts of paint and it's hard to see Him. The paint represents sin. Beneath our failed attempts to paint our own masterpieces, God's masterpiece is waiting to be seen. All we have to do is give our paintings to Him and He will turn them into beautiful works of art. There's never to much paint on a canvas for God to scrape away and transform.