Love God, Love People, Change the World

Music Outreach

Music is a thread that is heavily intertwined throughout all of HUH Ministries.  The goal of HUH’s Music Outreach is to promote talented Christian artists and sponsor events to provide fun and clean entertainment for young adults.  We want to create communities of young adults that live and promote clean music and a clean lifestyle – committed Christians and fun! HUH has partnered with Vurban Records to supply artists and bands for outreach events. HUH has also partnered with Greenhouse Ministries to provide the music for their events.  

Music is a special tool that God has given us.  A tool with the unique ability to help us enter into His presence, worship Him and connect with Him.  It transcends the language barrier between different ethnicities and allows people to connect with each other as well.  The devil knows how powerful music is and also uses it as a tool, but for destruction.  Secular music has become exactly that… destructive.  Our youth today are growing up in a world filled with music that glorifies drugs, adultery and many other sinful things.  We believe God has called us to help provide them an alternative that is fun, clean and glorifying to Him.

​Serving Nashville

​Jon Batson leads a group of HUH team members to the heart of Nashville to serve the homeless every last Saturday of each month.  Starbucks donates gallons of hot coffee that our team gives away with love to the homeless and whoever else needs a cup.  Our team makes sure to spend as much time with each person as needed.  If they need to talk or pray, our team listens and prays with them.  We bring everything we can to the homeless people on the streets of Nashville, including clothing, food, Bibles and other necessities. However, we have found that usually the things our friends on the streets want and appreciate the most are people to talk with and to listen to them.  So, when our team goes out to the streets of Nashville to serve the homeless, they go with open hearts full with the love of Jesus and listening ears to give generously, along with hot coffee and everything else.  


HUH has a heart for missions.  Mary Lee Batson is responsible for coordinating future HUH mission trips. The Bible tells us to take care of orphans and widows in their distress.  Several of our staff members have experience in either participating or leading mission trips both in the US and internationally: 

Mary Lee Batson - multiple trips to China to help orphans
Jon Batson - multiple trips in US, Costa Rica and Mexico 
Susan Batson - multiple trips in US and Mexico 

Elderly Outreach

​This team ministers to the elderly through playing hymns and sharing the gospel at convalescent care centers (Broadmore Assisted Living, Sunnington Assisted Living, Northside Nursing Home, and Veterans Home).  They have put together two songbooks with over 130 hymns that they perform.

Book Outreach

We believe that God has called us to write and share books that are centered around Him and His Word.  God says not to add anything to His Word, or take anything out of it (Deuteronomy 4:2).  We take this very seriously at HUH Ministries.  We seek God's will in everything we do, especially with our Book Outreach!  Check out our first book "Revival Is a Habit."  You can preview it on our Revival Page.

The ultimate goal of this outreach is to help and encourage people to build REAL (radical, empowering, awesome, love) relationships with God and their family!  In order to do that, we believe that we must be transparent with this outreach.  We must share our stories of what God has done and is doing in our lives to help encourage, empower and uplift (EEU) others!  

Mentorship Programs (coming soon!)

Young Women:  Titus 2:3-5 teaches the significance of mentorship from older women to younger women and how important it is to teach them biblical principles so that God’s word will be honored.  We are creating a program to provide this in a fun and energetic way to encourage young women to live for Christ!

Young Men:  Guys like to build stuff!  By using construction, we will teach young men to not only build with their hands, but build biblical principles for a strong spiritual foundation. John Eddy will lead this program, which will be launched as a part of the Faith Ranch Family Retreat. Various Christian men are already willing to construct and mentor for the upcoming construction projects!

A.R.K. Angels

​​A.R.K. Angels – People that perform acts of random kindness to be vessels for God’s love.

The concept is simple…spreading God’s love through random acts of kindness, such as giving gifts to people.  A small act of kindness can make a giant impact in someone’s life, making them feel valued and uplifted!  This outreach stays true to the core of HUH Ministries; Love God, Love People, Change the World!

A.R.K. Angels Video Playlist 

Faith Ranch Family Retreat (coming soon!)

The vision for the Faith Ranch Family Retreat:

The Faith Ranch Family Retreat will be a place where we encourage, empower and uplift (EEU) families while showering them with God's radical, empowering and awesome love (REAL)!  

We want to encourage married couples to stay together and to work through their challenges because the grass isn't greener on the other side... you still have to mow it too!  There will be Bible based teaching from the staff at Faith Ranch, along with music (worship), art, poetry, hiking, sports activities and campfires.  The ultimate goal is to learn how to complement one another while learning how to complete and not compete with one another.  We will provide team building courses and use a variety of sports and activities to teach how God created us to work together as a team.  Leadership courses will also be available to all ages, male and female. 

We are lacking mentorship in today's society; therefore Faith Ranch Family Retreat will help to provide classes in areas such as purity, character, leadership, money management, marriage and many more! Our hope is to encourage families to work through their challenges and not to give up on their dreams and marriages.  There will be a number of different tools we use, such as: the Bible, books, DVD's, etc. to help develop stronger relationships with one another while placing the Lord at the center of it all.  

We plan to rent facilities to hold these retreats until we have raised enough money to purchase our own.